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Tools for Schools

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Welcome to Tools for Schools, a shared resource for universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and organizations looking to start or level up their own esports programs and offerings.

Since 2017, we'd been linking to a public Google Drive folder containing documents that we were able to share. Now, we're adding additional resources and transferring all documents to this wiki for easier access. This will be a constant work in progress as we start updating old documentation or add new resources. We already have several pages of frequently asked questions.

Please use the links in the footer navigation box, present on all Tools for Schools pages, to access our shared resources. Everything is also listed on this page. For PDF files, you may see them embedded on their pages or your browser will prompt a download, depending on which you use.

Letter from the Director

Over the years, interest from other institutions has increased dramatically; we consult with or provide tours for a different school each week.

In order to scale our efforts, in addition to the creation of this wiki, we have implemented bi-monthly conference calls for groups who need clarification or have some unique questions. If you are interested, please sign up for a call through our Webinar Registration page.

We also host the UCI Esports Conference every October for esports researchers, collegiate and high school program directors, and games/esports industry leaders. There will be relevant sessions as well as opportunities to learn from colleagues and build your scholastic and collegiate esports network.

Finally, if you really want high-level, personalized consulting from UCI, we can put together a consulting agreement where we set aside hours or days to dive deep into your program planning. This will be a premium service for those with the passion and budget.

I hope that many folks find this information helpful. As you build your esports program, it is my request that you openly share what you have learned with other colleagues and people that follow after you.

Best of luck to you!

Mark Deppe
Director, UCI Esports

List of Contents


  1. Getting Started
  2. Design Your Program
  3. Business Planning & Organization Design
  4. Pitch Your Program
  5. Launch Your Program
  6. Program Management & Operations


  1. Student Survey
  2. Original Business Plan
  3. Organizational Chart
  4. Annual Reports
  5. Arena Floor Plan


  1. Esports Arenas and Facilities PDF